50 Free Online Courses Offered By 4 Best Universities In The World


Are you thinking of broadening your knowledge with courses and complements, but you have no time for face-to-face lessons and no money to invest?

Some of top universities in the world offer great free online courses. Find in the list below

1. Harvard University

Easily one of the most famous institutions in the world, Harvard University in the USA offers a series of free online courses through its Harvard Extension School platform and Open Learning initiative.

There are also cost courses for those who want to go deeper.

Among the topics available are Abstract Algebra, History of China, Introduction to Computer Science, and Great Works of World Literature. The subjects are in English.

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2. Stanford University

Located in the USA, Stanford University is also a world-renowned prestige learning institution.

The Stanford Online platform offers a wide range of lessons and disciplines, with varied content such as Transformations in Teaching and Learning, Introduction to Logic, Behavior Based Design, and Threat of Nuclear Terrorism.The subjects are in English.

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3. MIT

The MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology is globally recognized as one of the great centers of teaching and technology development.

The MIT Open Course Ware or OCW service impresses by offering a wide range of courses in a wide variety of areas such as learning foreign languages.

Other topics include; Biochemistry, The Science of Hurricanes and Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

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4. Yale University

The traditional and renowned Yale University in the USA also features an online course platform for free.

Open Yale Courses or OYC is a comprehensive initiative, giving access to a wide range of virtual disciplines.

With courses in areas such as Chemistry, Music, English, History and Psychology, OYC is highly recommended for anyone looking for fundamentals in various fields of knowledge.

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