Four Schools Are Looking To Employ High School Teachers In At Least 10 Subjects

Four schools are looking to employ high school teachers in at least 10 subjects’ combinations such as Kiswahili, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Geography etc.

The schools include St. Barnabas Girls-Mosocho, Bishop Njenga Girls, Turbo Girls High School and Chepkoilel Secondary School


  • Very highly experienced and knowledgeable
  • Impart new skills and techniques to the young minds
  • Very competent and industrious
  • Must poses a TSC number
  • Should be over the age of 18 years old
  • Must be willing to learn and listen from the relevant individuals
  • Well respected and good role models while in school and even when not in school


Bishop Njenga Girls

Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry teachers are needed urgently in Bishop Njenga girls in Kakamega county. Extra county school…Salary 18,000 also remedials are paid promptly.

Food served in school starting from morning breakfast, tea-break, lunch, 4 tea and super. Call on 0721869824 if interested… Must have TSC number.

Turbo Girls High School

Please Turbo Girls High School are in need of Physics and Chemistry or Physics and Mathematics, Geography and Kiswahili or Geography and Business contact 0724963442 Required Urgently.

Chepkoilel Secondary School

Chepkoilel Secondary School is looking for a Biology and Chemistry teacher on BOM terms. He/she must be TSC registered. Tell a friend to tell a friend. No interviews. Call 0722249349.

St. Barnabas Girls-Mosocho

St. Barnabas Girls-Mosocho urgently need maths/chem and bio/agri teachers. Pliz call the principal 0718665099


This is a wide splash of opportunities which are looking to be filled up by the young teachers in Kenya. It is such a wonderful venture for the varsity graduates.

Plus the jobs are well and categorically stated to make it easy for applications


Please provide your applications by contacting the contacts provided in the above posts

All the best in your applications

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