Court Clerk Needed Immediately

Urgently looking for a male court clerk. If you know one who can take up the task, or someone else even if it is you, please forward or apply immediately

Here are the qualifications needed for the job applications


  • Must have had at least one year of experience which he must have worked with a very busy law firm in Kenya
  • Must be a disciplined man with good respect and command of ethics and moral standards at work and even away from the work station
  • Should have relevant application details and qualification of academic papers in the application portfolio
  • Must be a good person in communication skills
  • Result oriented, self-powered person and work motivated gentleman, very hardworking and industrious while working
  • Excellent filing skills and techniques
  • Good looking, neat and well-groomed fellow
  • Excellent skills in welcoming and ushering in clients
  • Vast with laws and legal matters especially Kenyan law and common international laws
  • Young men are highly recommended to apply for this job
  • Must be not less than 18 years of age
  • Applicants must demonstrate high rate of delivery than just promises and unmet workloads and timelines


If you are looking to be employed or an industrial placement, this is worth grabbing. Very lucrative blue collar job.

Court Clerk is a nice front office or receptionist job which is rather more specialized, with the individuals having a vast knowledge in legal matters and laws.

It is a building block to the practice of law in Kenya, highly recommended for law students


If you can meet the above minimal qualifications please place your portfolio via the email below

Email is [email protected]

Only the short listed will be contacted back after evaluations

The process is very fair, free and based on competence

All the best in your applications.

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