Front Office / Receptionist Needed

If you are a good lady who can work on front office, which is also known as front office work and receptionist , your services are urgently needed.

Please go through the below application details of qualification and qualities before you can send your application by the email which has been provided below article.


  • The applicant must be a very neat and clean lady both in mind and in person
  • Must poses the relevant document in a related field of front office or receptionist
  • Should be a good looking lady, beautiful and very welcoming in nature
  • Good command of language skills in both Swahili and English
  • She should be able to know how to handle all kinds of customers
  • Looking to be the next top receptionist
  • Hardworking, able to meet up with deadlines on time
  • Good memories of remembering activities and important notices
  • Result oriented and motivated always with work rather than salary
  • Self-driven and working with minimal supervision from the overseer
  • Should understand her responsibilities and duties very well and able to multitask at some other times on her working days


Receptionist cum front office work is such a very unique job that needs ladies at many times. If you looking to advance, you can take up this job as a good alternative to grow up, as an internship opportunity or rather a full time job.

You can as well recommend it to your friend.

If you don’t know, it is very to get a ready front office work or receptionist very fast than any other job in Kenya, because almost every office needs a front office person, who are very limited .


Relevant testimonials, recommendations, applications and CV should be channeled through the email below as soon as possible.

Email is [email protected]

All the applications should be done in time and only those who have been shortlisted shall be contacted in good time for further instructions and directions related to the application procedures


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