Are You Looking For The Task Of Social Media Manager, You Are Needed Immediately

Are you looking for the task of social media manager, you are needed immediately by Impsoft for an upcoming task, this is a job opportunity for social media lovers .

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Impsoft are hiring a very competent social media manager with the following qualifications which are listed below


  • Must have had more than 6 months of social media marketing experience
  • Experience in handling at least 10 social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, You Tube , Google Plus, Flicker, Instagram and many more which are common in Kenyan market.
  • Knowledge in social media analytic software’s such as google analytics, Facebook insights and many more relevant software’s
  • Knowledge on paid social media campaigns such as Facebook advertising campaign and Twitter money adverts, Google ads as so on
  • Must be a young person aged between 23 to 30 years with vast knowledge in social media
  • Should have ability to write and blog about the Impsoft and post the articles on the website.
  • The person should be a very dedicated fellow who is very hardworking and self driven while working
  • The applicant should be able to understand all the dynamics of social media as an added advantage above the other applicants
  • This shall be a fulltime job requiring a fulltime attention from the applicants


This is a nice paying job for social media fanatics of a salary price between USD 150 to USD 200 depending on the employer and employee agreement

Highly recommended for young and intern students who are looking to venture into the online platforms.


Applications, testimonials and portfolios together with CVs should be all made to the official email provided below.

The email is [email protected]

Please be aware and note that only those shortlisted after an intense evaluation of the submissions shall be contacted back

Wishing you all the very best in applications


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