Shamba Boys Needed In Cattle Firm

Do you know how to milk and take care of cattle, here is a job opportunity for your skills.

But first go through the application qualifications


  • Must be a man who is willing to relocate to Kiambu county
  • Must have excellent milking skills
  • Must know how to take care and look after the animals
  • The job is located in the Kiambu regions
  • Should be able to feed the animals and clean the environs
  • Must have had experience in taking care of animals
  • Good man able to bond easily with the animals with ease
  • Should be a good looking and fine looking gentleman who should be always neat and clean
  • Able to read his animals and know when they need certain special attention like giving birth, mating and going for medical check up or treatment
  • Should command respect and good discipline
  • Loving and charming man
  • Able to adapt the new and different kinds of environs and weather patterns
  • Must be clean, neat and handsome
  • The job requires shamba boys who should work with very minimal supervision while at work, they should be able to manage themselves and take care of everything else that will be needed to be looked into.
  • Knowledge in animal diseases shall be an added advantage to the applicants
  • The applicants should be young and over the age of 18 years old


Shamba boys are rare only because most of them forget the most and key mentioned details above. Yet they are very simple and open to be understood and be followed with less ease.


If the above duties, responsibilities which are the minimal qualifications agree with your CV please make a request for the above job via the number below

Number is 0729386891

Please send this to a young brother or a friend who can do this job

All the best

Only the shortlisted shall be contacted back!


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