Are You An Upcoming Musician? Apply For This Opportunity

Are you a talented musician with a sense of good touch? Your music is irresistible, Grow My Hustle is a platform that provides all musicians in Kenya with a golden opportunity to reach their audience.

It is majorly targeting young and upcoming artists in Kenya especially in cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Naivasha.

However if you coming out from other parts of Kenya, you are highly encouraged to submit your art work.

Below are some of the qualifications that requires one to at least to poses before you join.

Please note that the below requirements are very basic and act as a simple guideline towards your applications


  • Artists should be talented with undying passion in music who are looking forward to grow
  • Should be an individual but being in a group of a good number is an added advantage
  • Should be of any age, over 18 years are highly recommended to apply for this opportunity
  • This opportunity will give all young individual a first lane chance, therefore young individuals are highly encouraged to apply in large numbers
  • Musicians should have recorded a music piece or even an album which shall be used to reach the market targeted
  • Having achieved basic education is required, and basic understanding of English and Swahili is a good quality
  • Disciplined, respect, good command of self-driven persons who can work on their will be the guy to boot.


Grow My Hustle is an online platform which helps young and upcoming artists reach more of their target audience with their music pieces.


Interested musicians should submit their details including testimonials of music, CV and applications to this link below.

Link is

Visit the link and make applications as soon as possible.

All the best, we hope to see your music on top notch.

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