Space Lounge And Grill Hiring Bouncers

Space Lounge and Grill is looking to hire very competent bouncers who will be tasked with manning the entertainment premises.

Read the required qualifications below before making the submission that are required. ( If you qualify, make the application as soon as possible )


  • Highly disciplined and able to command self-discipline
  • Very clean and neatly presentable
  • Well-built and strong in nature
  • Able to handle all customers with care and concern
  • Be able to avoid causing harm to the customers, his work should be maintain calm and order
  • Be a young man aged from 24 years old
  • Confident and energetic in looks
  • Have passion and love for the job
  • Able to work beyond ordinary hours to odd hours
  • Having worked as a bouncer will be an added advantage on your experience
  • Applicants must have good control of their drinking habits if they are alcohol fans
  • Should be fast and able to react in a situation swiftly.
  • Above all, God fearing and if possible saved again


This is such a nice opportunity for the body builders in town who take it as a hobby, they can turn their passion into money making hobby and earn a living out of it.

What you need most is leadership qualities and good command of respect. Mishandling customers will not look good to your employer and therefore it needs someone who is well and clearly understanding


If you feel that you are confident and energetic, please you can take up the job via calling the numbers below

Mobile number is 0703767847

Space Lounge and Grill is an entertainment restaurant that specializes in food, drinks and other hotel amenities

Applications should be done immediately you read through this article. Forward to your brothers and friends you know they can take up the job.

All the best.

Shortlisted candidates shall be notified in time for the job


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