Apply For Gulf Jobs Open From October 2017 Eligible For Kenyans

Our current opportunities for *full-time positions* are in Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Dakar (with the possibility of posting to neighboring countries for work opportunities), Dar es Salaam, Lagos, Mumbai, *Nairobi*, New Delhi, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Please submit your application at by October 1 2017 at 11:59 EST. Your application should include a resume noting current SAT/ACT and GPA, or British Class system and/or ECTS Grading as applicable, cover letter, short essay response and current university transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable). In your cover letter, please list up to 3 offices for which you are eligible to work, in order of preference.

*If you are only eligible to work in one region or office, please note that.*

In addition to your resume, cover letter and transcript, please respond to ONE of the following questions (and limit your response to fewer than 500 words):

What is an innovation for ending poverty that you think is currently under-utilized?

Working at Dalberg, you will get to advise leaders of large NGOs, international companies and government agencies on what they should do to more effectively end poverty.

What messages would you like to bring to these leaders and why?

Candidates selected for interviews will be invited to interview by phone in the first round.  Interviews will test consulting skills through case questions, and discuss the candidate’s interests and experience. As the interviews progress to further rounds, candidates may be asked to interview in-person at a Dalberg office.

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