Ruben FM Is Looking For Radio Interns

Ruben FM is looking for interns.
1.Have any relevant supporting details on media education.
2.Ability to ”think on your feet” and ad-lib or deviate from the script when necessary.
3.High level of concentration and multi tasking ability.
4.Outgoing and confident with a likable personality.
5.Excellent communication and presentation skills.
6.Calmness under pressure and the ability to adhere to strict deadlines.
7.Excellent command of Kiswahili and a clear speaking voice.
8.Ability to work well with others in the production team and participants in the program.
9.Comfortable and natural in front of the mic.
10.Ability to get on and connect with people from a wide variety of background.
Roles and Responsibilities.
1.Help the producer and on air talent run a smooth show.These include:
-Setting up studio for broadcast.
-Writing and rehearsing scripts.
-Recording specified segments for future use.
2.Undertaking various background research on various topics.
3.Organizing interviews and schedules.
4.Gathering news(E.N.G).
5.Interviewing relevant guests.
6.Presenting weather and news summaries.
7.Providing program links.
8.Operating technical equipment.
If you meet the above qualifications,send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

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