Zhuri Agency Calling For Casts

Zhuri Agency invites you to a flight company commercial audition..
Roles are as follows ;

1. Hero (KSH 60,000) -Age 25-35
-Meek looking young man
-Very good actor

2. Featured Extras (KSH 20,000) -Age 25-35
-Well-built body

1. Dad (KSH 60,000) – Age 28-40
-Very good actor

2. Mother (KSH 30,000) -Age28-38
-Good actor

3. Daughter (KSH 30,000) – Age 13-18
-Good actors

4. Son (KSH 30,000)
-Age 10 years
-Good actor

5. Grandmother (KSH 30,000) -Age 60-80
-Old and frail

1. Young Father (KSH 60,000) -Age 25-30yrs
-Good actor

2.  Nurses, (KSH 30,000) -Age24-28yrs
-Good looking
-Can easily smile

Kenya Only -2 years

Time: 1:00pm -4:00pm *(Strictly)*

*Venue*: Ngara Studio

*Directions*: From Fig tree, Use Ngara road 500metres to get to sleep inn which is right before Chandarana food plus supermarket. Turn left to a downhill -chambers road and turn left again (you will see chambers road apartments on your right side), Walk straight 200metres to a black gate on the right that has a sign “33chambers road” (opposite Karangi hotel)  Enter gate 33

Call Kevin 0727512736 incase of anything.

Kindly Indicate sent by *ZHURI AGENCY*

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