Safety Officer Needed At Construction Firm

Looking to recruit a safety officer to support projects in safety regulatory compliance.

Job Description

✓ Prepare hazard analysis process, hazard identification, exposure assessment and controls.

✓ Participate in planning meetings to identify any health and safety concerns inherent in the operations daily workplan.

✓ Review the Incident Action Plan for safety implications.

✓ Exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts.

✓ Investigate accidents that have occurred within incident areas.

✓ Ensure preparation and implementation of Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP)

✓ Assign assistants and manage the incident safety organization.

✓ Review and approve the Medical Plan.

✓ Maintain Unit/Activity Log

✓ Attend to any other duties assigned

Desired Qualifications

• Diploma in Occupational Health or equivalent.Possess any qualification or certification in HSE.

• Must have three (3) years practical experience in Kenyan HSE regulations and in the use of formal HSE risk assessments.

• Must have knowledge of HSE in Infrastructure, construction or extractive industries.


Send your applications and detailed CV with two referees to [email protected] or [email protected]


Avoid sending any kind of help such as money so that you can secure the job. Don’t send any facilitation fee too. We shall not be liable to any loss you incur

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