Apply For 2018 Wings to Fly Scholarship

In addition to the application process that uses physical forms, Equity Group Foundation has introduced a complimentary online application process.



The online applications can be accessed immediately via the EGF website or via this link:

The online application platform provides the Wings to Fly Application form in electronic format.
Please follow the following steps to complete the online application process.


Step 1 – Register: Visit a cyber or through a mobile device or with a computer with internet visit to register. You will require access to valid mobile number to complete the registration process.
Step 2 – Complete the Application Form: The online application form is the same as the physical form and requires the same information. To complete the online application process successfully, we recommend that you have copies of the following documents, either scanned or photographed in a soft copy.


1. To demonstrate your KCPE marks you will require an official result slip or an official letter from your primary school showing the marks per subsect as well as the overall marks.
1. In the event, you have lost a parent/guardian, you will require proof of death e.g. death certificate or Burial permit
2. If guardian or parent is employed, you will require proof of income e.g. payslip or a wage slip or a bank statement
3. If you have received previous support e.g. bursary or a letter from the sponsor.
4. If you or your parent/guardian have a disability or suffer from a chronic illness [Arthritis, Asthma, All forms of cancer, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS, Stroke, Epilepsy, high blood pressure] , have evidence that attests to your disability or condition. This could be in the form of a letter from a doctor or a letter of enrolment to a special school.
Step 3: Declaration Form: Download, print, complete the applicant and parent/guardian declaration signed and dated. Get the relevant references from your primary school head teacher, Provincial Administration (Chief or Asst. Chief) and a Religious Leader (bishop, pastor, priest, imam, etc.). You will need to scan or photograph the declaration and upload to your application.
Step 4: Submission: Review your entire application form, all the required information documents and if you are satisfied that you have met all the requirements, submit your application.

If you are not satisfied or a missing certain information or supporting documents, you can save and make your submission later. If you are satisfied with your application, make the submission and you will be sent a notification with a reference number via SMS and/or email [if provided] confirming receipt of your application form.
Deadline: Please note that the online application closes on December 08, 2017 at 5pm. Any applications received after that time will not be accepted.
Overall, if believe the online application is for you, it is recommended that you download the application form [], complete it and gather all the required information and then make the online application.

This should provide you with details of all the information required and make the online application process painless and easy.
If the online application does not work for you, the scholarship application form is still available at the nearest Equity branch, Equity Agent or can be downloaded from the Equity Group Foundation website at which can then be printed and completed.
If you have any challenges completing the online application form, please send your questions or issues to [email protected].



Applying for the Wings to fly scholarship is now eazzy.

Step 1 – Register by clicking .

Step 2 – Download and help the needy child to complete the Application Form

Step 3 – Upload and submit the form before the December 08, 2017 at 5pm.


Be part of our cause to reach and secure the dreams of needy hardworking children through education. Download the form here and ask them to complete : then ask them to submit it to their closest Equity Bank branch or Equity Agent


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