EAC Is Massively Hiring

More than 400 people are at present working for the various EAC Organs and Institutions in the 6 Partner States. While recruiting, the EAC seeks to secure the highest standards of efficiency, technical competence, professionalism and integrity.

With a mission to widen and deepen economic, political, social and cultural integration in order to improve the quality of life of the people of East Africa, the EAC encourages and promotes new and better ways of doing business. If you are a national of one of the 6 EAC Partner States, you are eligible to apply to join the team.

Equal Representation

Recruitment of staff of the Community shall as far as possible, be reflective of equal representation of gender and the Partner States.

Working Relationships

Effective relationships between the various Organs and Institutions of the Community are geared towards promoting the successful attainment of the strategic direction and credibility of the Community.

Continuous Development

EAC invests in Staff development and focuses on achieving organisational goals. Training is offered to Staff to assist in the development of skills required to fulfil their roles properly.


All persons working for the EAC (Organs and Institutions) shall not practice any form of discrimination. In the same vein, they shall be entitled to equal treatment irrespective of political inclination, gender, colour of skin, religion, culture, education, social status, ethnic affiliation or nationality.


While the Community recognises HIV/AIDS as a serious threat to the Community and takes all measures necessary towards its prevention, mitigation and control, it does not discriminate against any member of Staff, their families and any member of the Community in general infected with HIV/AIDS.

Internship Programme

An Internship at the EAC is a work-based training programme that offers trainees work experience related to their field for students from institutions of higher learning in Partner States.

Interns are placed on a 3 month contract and receive a monthly stipend. Interns are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. Most Internships are based in Arusha, Tanzania.

Warning to Job Seekers

There are job advertisements and offers that falsely state that they are from the East African Community. Please be aware that the East African Community does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process. See more about Fraud Alert.


Open Job Opportunities

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