TUKO News Is Hiring

We are looking for a talented cameraman/video editor to expand the video team. Video editing skills are a priority.

Responsibilities & Skills:
•    Strong understanding of camera equipment and accessories
•    Filming interviews, street stories, vox pops and feature stories using a DSLR (all aspects including sound,  lighting, shot composure)
•    Video editing skills: proficiency and experience in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
•    Manage multiple projects and remain flexible through multiple revisions while keeping a keen attention to detail
•    Constant field work in Nairobi and Kenya.

Job Type: Full-time
To apply, please submit your CV and the demo reel of your work. Completing the test assignment is required to apply for this job. Send the CV and test assignment to: [email protected]

Test assignment:
Shoot and edit a 3-minute video Vox Pop about the election results, ask 2-3 people about what candidate did they chose and why.

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