Sanergy Factory Build Fellowship


Sanergy is building Kenya’s first ever waste-to-protein production facility and we’re looking for you to support us in the installation, commissioning and ramp up of the new protein production facility.

This unique facility that will transform organic wastes into high value protein using insects. We have a dedicated team of engineers spearheading its design but we’re looking for you to help us take it to the next level. If you’re interested in manufacturing, waste treatment and sanitation, the circular economy or insect production, then this is a role for you.

This is a chance to land a facility that pushes the boundaries on both waste treatment and animal feed production by using creativity and hard work.

You’re going to enjoy this role if you:

  • Enjoy building things and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty
  • Don’t accept things the way they are. You constantly ask “why are things like this?” and “how can I do this better?”
  • Can rapidly adapt to changing circumstances to get things done
  • Are entrepreneurial in your approach to problem solving
  • Can work well within a diverse team
  • Know how to make a plan when things don’t go so well
  • Have a good sense of humor and roll with the punches

Your chances at this job are higher if you have a technical degree and/or experience with installing and operation of process equipment – but most importantly, we want to see demonstration of your ability plan and execute.

We make sure to give you the responsibility and autonomy to make things happen – an opportunity that might take years to develop in a traditional engineering firm or corporate setting.

Your typical day could include:

  • Working with our Project Coordinator to confirm the delivery of equipment
  • Pulling the installation team together for a daily safety meeting
  • Installing new processing equipment, working with contractors to ensure everything is installed to plan
  • Problem solving delays and problems with installation, delivery or operations
  • Working with the ops team to evaluate the performance of implemented process flows, and troubleshoot with the workmen where they are not hitting ramp-up targets
  • Running tests on the new equipment, looking for performance issues and monitoring output capacities, making custom modifications as required
  • Train the ops team on the work instructions (which you also would have developed)
  • Report back to the team on improvements you identified with the ops team, and changes that can be made to the equipment to improve output
  • Work with the Facilities and Maintenance teams to compile maintenance plans
  • Develop quality and safety control points and barriers for the equipment with the QHSE team

Note: This is a Fellow position, there is no monetary compensation for the period of engagement with us. However, the experience you gain from this role is something you won’t find elsewhere – we put you straight in the deep end, with responsibility and autonomy to deliver great results!

Are you up for this challenge? Here’s how to apply:


  1. Your LinkedIn profile (copy the URL and paste it like: AND
  2. Describe one way to make the common kettle, better (as defined by you) – bonus points if you can show me an implementation of your improvement!

…to, with the subject line: “I want to help build an insect factory”

Click the “Apply” button below and complete the online application process to submit your CV and cover letter describing why you think you’re a perfect fit.


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