Data Collectors Wanted – Qualification (Post Secondary Certificate)


Mugunda county assembly ward is an electoral ward in Kenya. It is one of the wards in Kieni constituency  in Nyeri county.

Mugunda Ward

  • County Assembly Ward No.: 0472
  • County Assembly Ward Name: Mugunda
  • County Assembly Ward Population (Approx.): 23,712
  • County Assembly Ward Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 261.00
  • County  Assembly Ward Description: Comprises karemeno, Ruirii, Kamiruri, Nairutia, Kamariki and Lamuria Sub–Locations of Nyeri County

Job alert


Avoid sending any kind of help such as money so that you can secure the job. Don’t send any facilitation fee such as medical fee, training fee, registration fee, documents processing fee, commission fee or entrance fee. If they need your money, let them deduct from your first salary. Remember also not to hand in your valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, purse, personal bags etc. Keep them safe within yourself.

We shall not be liable to any loss you incur. Please keep in mind that conmen and conwomen work tirelessly day and night to come up with new tactics to steal from innocent job seekers




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