Alternate Doors Looking For Cleaners

Our Client is a high end restaurant currently recruiting Cleaners.


  1. Actively engage with all staff to provide a safe workplace.
  2. Set up, operate, disassemble and maintain ware washing, kitchen, and dining room cleaning equipment.
  3. Accomplish all aspects of cleaning kitchen and service ware washing, by manual or automated methods.
  4. Clean and maintain all kitchen and service equipment.
  5. Clean and maintain all dining service areas.
  6. Remove waste and recycling from dining service areas.
  7. Transport and stock, supplies from storage areas to stations of use
  8. Use organizational skills to prioritize and execute tasks in assigned work areas to assure all equipment, and facilities are available for service.
  9. Complete assigned work, and inspect the work to ensure work is accomplished, and standards are met in the areas of cleanliness, sanitation, and equipment is operational.
  10. Communicate daily with culinary and management staff regarding equipment repair, serviceability issues, supplies, and safety concerns.
  11. Operate and ensure that equipment utilized is operational, and handled safely, reporting mechanical issues to appropriate member of management.
  12. Participate in training programs and meetings as necessary or requested.
  13. Understand and follow health code regulations at all times for maintaining proper handling, labeling, storage, and use of all cleaning agents including associated equipment.
  14. Maintain a clean work environment, ensuring proper sanitation is maintained, as well as the health, and safety of dining guests, and employees.


  1. Must demonstrate excellent customer service skills including the ability to interact with guests and co-workers
  2. Previous Experience as a cleaner
  3. A housekeeping qualification would be an added advantage.

How To Apply

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