ICT Authority Hiring Graduates- 400 Vacancies


What is DigiTalent

ICT businesses now have a ready pool of industry-ready ICT graduates. The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) takes fresh and qualified ICT graduates through an internship programme designed to build their ICT capabilities, ready for the ICT market.


The interns are placed both in Government Ministries (10 months) and in the private sector (2 months) during the programme giving them a holistic understanding of how ICT works both in the public and private sectors. This exposure helps the interns to acquire and apply ICT skills for effective service delivery, and efficient implementation of projects. Apart from the technical aspects of the internship, the interns are also mentored on leadership skills and innovative thinking. After the programme, the interns emerge as talented and well rounded individuals with a clear career progression path in the ICT sector, and make valuable additions to any company



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