Rider & Driver Job in Nairobi (Salary 30K)

Rider & Driver Job in Nairobi (30K)
07 Feb 2019
Location: Nairobi, Mlolongo
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: 30K


Our client seeks to recruit a rider who can as well drive the company van on a need to basis.  Must have a riding license with riding authorization.


  1. Deliver items quickly with motorcycle or van
  2. Running minor errands
  3. Office work when not delivering
  4. Keeping destination address
  5. Deliver items in good condition
  6. Signing for the items upon collection and delivery
  7. Planning the delivery route, navigating around diversions
  8. Obtaining recipient‘s signatures and documenting delivery times.
  9. Confirming delivery with the central depot and collecting instructions for the next job
  10. Collecting cheques, new orders and cash payment


  1. Be a skilled and safe rider, with expert knowledge of local streets
  2. Must have a riding license with riding authorization
  3. Must have a valid DL
  4. Be computer literate
  5. Motorcycle maintenance skills
  6. Be trustworthy and discreet when handling items and cash
  7. Have a responsible attitude to safety
  8. Good communication skills
  9. Be self-motivated and able to use their initiative
  10. Be prepared to work outdoors in all weather conditions

How to Apply

If qualified, send CV only to jobs@britesmanagement.com
Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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