Opportunity At 254 For Young Artists


Every day it surprises us the number of people we see on the streets of Nairobi. They could all be artists!

Are you looking for a place to work and collaborate with others? A community where you can belong? A place to exchange ideas, learn from others, talk about your struggles?

PAWA 254 is collaborative space for creatives and works in two main ways: by offering a platform where people can come freely and interact with each other and this people are the creatives. The second bit is through programs, we have people attend workshops, masterclasses, round table discussions, outreach programs and partnerships.

Not only do you come to a free space but also a space where you can get more skills hence the bi weekly community meetings aims at fostering a community of social change artists and activists through knowledge, skills and networks as well as promotion of advocacy.

EmPAWAD by Art.
Be Creative, be PAWAful.
Break Boundaries, join our Community.
Express yourself, be the Change.



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