PAWA 254 Looking For Upcoming Independent Artists


Are you a thriving youth in the art industry? Are you able to voice out what is going on in your community and make a difference?
PAWA Café a co-creating platform, takes place every Friday and enables artists to build their stage presence in front of their peers, mentors and other community members is geared towards sharpening their skills.
Through various artistic forms such as acoustic, rap, poetry, dance and comedy, this forum is presented as a theatrical production fusing MCeeing, Deejaying and performance or exhibition.

Last week we featured Mari a singer-songwriter based in Nairobi, Kenya who does conscious music. His career spanning from 2009 has seen him grow to perform in some of Kenya’s most prestigious venues and get recognition both locally and internationally.

We also featured Brian Alex Omuya, a performing spoken word artist & rapper by the stage name Tall Dark & Poetsome (TD Poetsome). He has been performing for the last five years now gracing stages as Slam Poetry, Storymoja Festival, Fatumas Voice, Karura Comedy Club, Bantu, Eve of Poetry e.t.c.

His spoken word focuses on topics around social, economic & political change/awareness. Through my art, I also champion Youth empowerment under the hashtag #YouthKenya.

Get in touch via

0721 956552


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