Shark Tank of Wellness Student Global Competition (USD $5,000 First Place)


The “Shark Tank of Wellness” student competition is a unique global challenge that rewards students for their most innovative, impactful ideas for the wellness industry.

Students are to submit aconcept submission form detailing their idea and a one- to two-minute video presentation of their idea. The wellness industry is currently valued at over $4.2 trillion, thus providing ample opportunity for students with great ideas!


First Prize: One (1) first-prize winner will receive USD $5,000.

Second Prize: One (1) second-prize winner will receive USD $3,000.

Third Prize: One (1) third-prize winner will receive USD $2,000.

Total value of all prizes is USD $10,000.


The competition is open to both individual students and teams of students over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world. There is no entry fee. Note: If participating as a team and the team is chosen as one of the top three finalists, only the team leader will be eligible to attend the Global Wellness Summit with their professor.

The contestant(s) must be an undergraduate student (working toward a one- or two-year diploma, a four-year Bachelor’s degree or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification) or a graduate/postgraduate student (working toward a Master’s, MBA, JD, MD or PhD degree) in a university or college of distinction at the time they develop and submit their concept.

The contestant(s) must be either a full-time or part-time student at the university or college.

The contestant(s) must have a professor or faculty advisor who serves as a mentor for their project.

All contestants must be available to attend the Global Wellness Summit, October 15–17, 2019, in Hong Kong, in order to present their idea in person.

DEADLINE: May 15 2019

To apply and for more information visit here


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