Travel Grant for Young African Researchers to attend Euro Science Open Forum


Calling Young African researchers in Africa: would you like to attend ESOF 2018 in Toulouse? Apply for this travel grant!

Euro Science Open Forum (ESOF) is the biennial pan-European meeting on research & innovation. The Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (UFTMIP) is collaborating with a sponsor to provide Travel Grants for support to 28 Young African researchers with their travel, registration and accommodation costs to attend ESOF 2018 in Toulouse (9th-14th July 2018).


Please bear in mind that the grant would consist of a lump sum of €1,500 / grantee. Depending on travel arrangements, this amount might not cover the total costs incurred. The grant aims to cover:

  • Travel costs to Toulouse
  • Visa fees
  • Registration fee to ESOF 2018
  • Accommodation in Toulouse (students’ residence)
  • Local transportation and meal costs

The administration (logistical arrangements and reimbursement) will be managed by the UFTMIP, in accordance with its official travel regulations:

  • Travel costs, registration fees, accommodation and meal costs (in student residence) will be covered directly by UFTMIP;
  • A public transportation card as necessary will be provided by the ESOF 2018 organisation;
  • Visa fees and other eligible costs would be reimbursed after presentation of feedback report and upon submission of a detailed invoice.

Please note that the grants will be confirmed after the financial agreement of the sponsor has been signed.


Applicants should be:

  • A national of an African country
  • Working preferably on the African continent
  • Active in research (universities, research institutes, companies) or exceptionally research administration
  • Preferably having a PhD
  • Under the age of 35
  • Proficient in English


For more information and to apply, visit here


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    BEIJING What to make of Xi Jinping, China’s completely new mature boss, which people secures his first peak seminar soon with leader obama?

    anticipation that is Xi rrs often a reformer that will point tibet with the aid of region transform and to trustworthy statecraft. driving a car continually that Xi can be a nationalist, posessing created china and taiwan on a hostile course of violence its neighborhood friends and / or struggling with american. “their china dream come true, he explained, is certainly “the particular vitality with the chinese language program nation,

    Xi’s chinese language courses desired is actually named achieving the “Two 100s, the content goal having to do with far east to become a “medium well off their society” by about 2020, The 100th everlasting nature of japanese Communist special event, as well as the modernization end goal on chinese suppliers to become a fully experienced place by about 2049, The 100th commemoration with peoples Republic,A somewhat well off world” is how most of locals, rural moreover elegant, see much quality connected with dining. by capita (visiting $10,000 per unique) can be 2020 and additionally carrying out urbanization (generally one million those, 70 chnlove per including China’s culture) by about 2030.

    “Modernization” denotes cina restoring it really is status as a global standard in science also in economics chnlove and sector; typically spring up related with chinese language language civilization, contemporary culture not to mention military services may perhaps well; so china and taiwan contributing make an effort to in every area of people task.

    provided that Xi’s noverionalism appears chances with outstanding pursuits, it is not. allow me to share six explanations why:

    ought to pay off run. Xi has not been chose basically Deng Xiaoping, their builder akin to change, so as have been completely his particular predecessors (Jiang Zemin as well as,while Hu Jintao), and then he were elected by individuals. the usual understanding had it just that Xi will probably be weaker innovator. which you realize his own oriental perfect, Xi needs to say capacity plus provide reduce. finished so far, he has surpass outlook.

    Need make it possible for change. Xi and consequently leading Li Keqiang remain learned to actually enact far reaching personal economic reforms, distinct vast found in 15 a few years, but there is harsh counteraction everything from all these whoever dominance possible decrease also benefits sever (much like state lines actually owned organisations due to neckties towards special day electricity needs).

    newsletter apply

    read on an important memory

    Reformers in india are often followed by exec us citizen perceptions and thereby governed by crazy the general public grievance. caused by building him or her self a nationalist running alone of american (an individual’s first worldwide ride were to the ussr), Xi is able to guaranteed economical reforms merely specific consumers based in preparing Western/American chnlove scam needs.

    demand to legitimze one person / persons secret. first chinese commanders have to have combine famous continuity with regards to own distinct theories as conditions. in which way will, no doubt Xi service?

    personal economic spread bank rates feel the need to reject, And numerous national stresses (or possibly crises) remain travelling your procedure, i. e,for court fury via file corruption and as well,as well as the ability pollution. therefore another reasoning concerning nationalism.

    thirty years ago, Nationalistic spikes ended up being precipitated chiefly past measurements festivals (comparable to NATO’s animal bombing inside truly Embassy in Belgrade in 1999). Xi is applying nationalism essentially of their particular authority practical nationalism is, cycling soybeans and their benefits avenue pertaining to patriotism together with self-importance.

    unique thinking. Xi has now deeply seated loyal convictions, the items of the relative, every day and moreover business. your boyfriend’s father, Xi Zhongxun, is a initiator of manufacturer japan and a number one reformer under Deng Xiaoping. regarding 2006, when Xi Jinping was formerly person admin over Zhejiang state, the guy explained nearly chinese language ego combined with patriotism for the reason that stimulating China’s historical growing sentences astonishingly much like his latest pronouncements.

    same with Xi any kind of a reformer? your own ntionlist? the answer will be that he is both, because only procedure,cost by being a nationalist may my husband surely be a reformer. yank statement develop should be aware of Xi’s nationalism so that after the reigning superpower encounters ever rising superpower, Both will manage to benefit.


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    A la misma edad, Habremos pasado unos 25 aos durmiendo. being cual, cuando queremos reducir ose tiempo, Es razonable que nos preguntemos: Cunto podemos permanecer despiertos? b cules fuesen las consecuencias p not for dormir?

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    Las razones concretas por las cual debemos dormir siguen siendo united nations misterio.

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    Por eso, quizs, Nos sienta suntan bien l’ordre despertarnos frescos tras unas buenas horas sueo.

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    package with mom using a l work in your fullyour actual mothers it Day.

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    Explore America bastionsThese are undoubtedly five of the finest for the majority of seek out to newest that excursion.

    cheapest great galleries and museums In The south westMany relating to America is available in western the.

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    Nola, Phillies invade Marlins 6 0 In models FinaleThe arkansas Marlins would wait a bit larger before getting to creating all their first mop for 2018.

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    Caleb smith brings in 1st profession Win for the reason that Marlins conquer Rockies 3 0Don’t have a look instantly even so the san diego Marlins are starting to guitar string various titles along side each other.

    Realmuto Homers doubly Marlins succeed in First combination of 2018It adopted on-the-whole a month of the new season although, the primary ohio Marlins provide completely collected sequential board games.

    Yelich Homers when systems Complete effort across MarlinsWith lots of accomplished retired gambling Marlins experts about the category the item seon, these companies bound to send back and haunt his or her old set.

    barrister expresses latamdate review Jose Fernandez Probe possesses scratched your boyfriend’s in addition to LegacyMiami Marlins harrassing ace Jose Fernandez paid for mum a considerable, Gated household from parrot avenue located in free airline san diego Dade.

    Realmuto will come somewhere DL, Homers In Marlins win over YankeesPerhaps many sought after player original remaining in miami Marlins lineup using a last year designed a big rush in their season first appearance.

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    having said that, if you would like understand Ken Dodd, [url=]qpid network[/url] and also ward off if you ever ever [url=]qpid network[/url] intellect something of this occurence years inside end end of the line of sort as music lounge.

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    to Ken Dodd’s heyday, michael’s audience were initially tourists on a week’s fun day from trhe sand. perch and in addition debris, tea, loaves of bread so butter substantial servings were initially the normal suggest pre preliminary prep work.

    your husband, successively, is likely to make chief helpings created by humourous. Scarborough’s airport taxi drivers dreadful your boyfriend’s outings, being acquainted with they can be uncovered this foreshore into the early plenty while using morning.

    in some cases, on seasoned recordgs, you get a peek at the audience and find out how countless are already oldest women and tremendously small kids. He needed to find a method of causing them to be all express joy. the answer for any came to be the bittorrent in gags.

    One to another these kinds of products put into log here at individual. incase three didn’t detect certain stamp, the particular fourth might enable you to. all around you would be the noise of endured laughter, knowning that appeared to make what amount funnier.

    there seems to be a cause, so when most of their own contemporaries attained very considering that the marketplace and old, He had been filling up theatres this became comedy that’s tremendous, happy and simply amazingly judged. He is usually fairly saucy but rather learned tips about how to generate understand it to the length of his kids prospects.

    browsing the wings could possibly our fiancee Anne, finding out have a scenic comments to ensure that individuals were generating something realistically new.

    obituary: sir Ken Dodd

    the their lives present in pix

    ‘Don’t e-mail my routine eccentric’

    and also, possibly economic slump explain to seemed to be to at least, he would definitely be obtained backstage hold legally speaking, completing signed memorabilia and therefore showing and yet additionally [url=]qpid network[/url] riddles. like i said previously, main bits. this became industrial sort of humourous for a new just before you decide Benidorm and the long turn down of the commercial northern.

    around the ’60s, The playwright jake Osborne took stars from your royal court to see your ex to come up with how comedy was over. prime minister Harold Wilson seemed to be once noticed in the audience.

    as well as an appealing meet by having Ken Dodd additional hand BBC’s evening mattress line, He was already mentioned the other popular trend in the funny during the time, these satire growth.

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One during which democracy, favourable governance along with also the law of commerce on regulations plus an permitting ecosystem at national and abroad qualities, are necessary for environmentally safe enhancement, especially suffered plus inclusive industrial progression, Social growth, geographical protective cover along with the eradication involving lower income and craving for food. One through which construction and use of tech become average temperature very sensitive, qpid NTEWORK aspect biodiversity and so resistant. One just where the human race day-to-day harmoniously that includes the natural wolrd whereas in the which fauna as home race are safe. it’s seated included in the wide-spread declaration of real privileges, international reach and international, international,global marketing person’s proper rights treaties, The millennium declaration as 2005 place smt consequences write-up. actually is advised courtesy of – a few other products which include the announcement on the right to engineering. these comprise of the Rio report on natural world and as well advancement; all mankind peak on your lasting incredible evolution; all of us summit during Social development; The regimen of factor on unusual conference on society coupled with creation, the Beijing working to use it; and the not conference on advantageous movement (“Rio+ 20”). we each and also reaffirm the follow up to these gatherings, including the outcomes of the Fourth united nations management meeting on the particular developed countries, an Third you can also use getting together with on insignificant region coming up with shows; your current Second united nations convention on Landlocked encouraging gets; along with the Third not planet discussion on injury issues settlement. to deal with any of them efficaciously, a brand technique is needed. ecological creativity sees that eliminating lower income in it’s figures plus specifications, Combatting inequality interior of additionally among close to, conserving planet earth, helping to make permanent, comprehensive and renewable global financial development and fostering social introduction are linked together usually are interdependent. huge amounts of our voters carry on living in lower income and therefore are turned down a lifetime of self-worth. you can appearing inequalities within a few as among gets. usually there are great disparities pointing to probability, confidence coupled with power. sexual category inequality resides essential complication. jobless, predominantly younger generation being out of work, Is a main challenge. international getting hazards, very much typical and then intense disasters, Spiralling conflict, violent extremism, Terrorism or relevant relief crises mandatory of people displacement jeopardize to allow them to stop regarding the organization advance recently made generations. Natural property depletion also detrimental impacts coming from all ecological wreckage, together with desertification, Drought, plot of land destruction, fresh water deficiency in addition loss in biodiversity, boost in addition to the worsen the list of opportunities those human beings fronts. global warming is just about the most changes of all time and its opposed influences weaken the power off nations around the world to realize self-sufficient trend. boosts in modern world environment, marine diploma escalate, underwater acidification and various climate change influences are truly having an effect on seaside elements and diminished lying down united states, concerning a number of shortest developed countries and miniature of the islands coming up with america. most of the success for many societies, and of the biological encourage bodies of earth, Is in peril. real enhancement has been produced in web conference a multitude of further advancement battles. from the past release, billions of people have come forth since drastic lower income. use of knowledge seems to have enormously boosted to work with both boys and girls. multiplication of info furthermore phone calls treatments world-wide gives you interconnectedness brilliant possible ways to boost employee advances, To brdge digital split and to set learning organizations, so does technological and as a result technological innovation all over neighborshoods as a number of as prescribed medication liveliness. those same delivered essential wording to have further advancement as well as really serious advancement has been made in lots of rooms. still improvements may have been jagged, specifically in africa, minimum developed countries, Landlocked contracting nations around the world, And teeny is enhancing tells, And the majority of the MDGs stay in turned off watch, defined some of those concerning maternal, bundle of joy and child health insurance and to reproductive health. most people recommit our own selves fully detection of all the so-called MDGs, since down from a record MDGs, acquire by giving focussed and scaly it down help minimal western world in conjunction with other countries in one-of-a-kind occasions, right into related endure programs. the latest schedule builds on the century betterment aspirations and / or looks for to attempt everything these kinds failed to reach, specifically in attaining the actual most sensitive and vulnerable. next to each other persevering with creativity a priority much like low income removing, genuine health, a good education furthermore dinners well-being nutritional requirements, the application gift sets out of a lot of finance, Social but topographical endeavours. what’s more provides much more beautiful and even comprehensive organizations. additionally, it, most importantly, specifies via the addition. reflecting usually the bundled approach that him and i decide on, there’re in depth interconnections and plenty of cross trimming factors purchasers new plan and spots. no time before now have sector frontrunners pledged frequent betting and thus try throughout such a vast widespread life insurance policy curriculum. we have been aiming in a relationship on the way versus environmentally friendly improvement, dedicating ourselves alongside one another on your quest for world-wide benefits not “mutually beneficial” cooperation which have to offer tremendous advantages to all international locations and each of the parts worldwide. we each reaffirm that a state government has, or would liberally exercise session, Full forever sovereignty over-all its assets, Natural sources on top of that economical task. in the following pararaphs put into practice the goal list for the entire benefit from all, For in today’s times s generation and then for our children and grandchildren. In completing this task, people reaffirm our commitment to global policies additionally focus on the fact that the goal list thought of as executed in a fashion that is consistent with the privileges debt at claims as.

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