EACC Hiring Drivers



Welcome to the EACC Online Recruitment Portal!

How to Apply;

  1. Register yourself (Sign up ⇒ );  (NB All Applicants must sign up afresh )
  2. Log in using the new password;
  3. Go to Main Menu to Fill EACC Online Form 1;
  4. Fill in the online EACC Form 1  (In the following order:- My Profile, ⇒ Academics Qls, ⇒Professional Qls, ⇒Employment, ⇒Certificates, ⇒References);
  5. Vacant Positions and select the job vacancy you are interested in ( It appears on the Top on the Main Menu list);
  6. Go to “Apply in this One”;
  7. Go to “View Requirements”;
  8. Scroll down and press the button “Apply Now”;
  9. Submit your application ( you will receive a confirmation of successful submission i.e status will read “Submitted”)

List of Documents Required  (NB All UPLOADS must not exceed  2MB in PDF, MS Word, JPG, PNG formats)

1. EACC Form 1 – Filled online (once you log into the portal);
2. National Identification card / Passport;
3 Academic/Professional Certificates;
4. Testimonials;
5. Clearance Certificates from:-

  •         Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC);
  •         Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA);
  •         Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI);
  •         Higher Education Loans Board (HELB);
  •         Registration and good standing in relevant Professional Bodies.