IEBC Hiring For By-elections In 6 Constituencies


IEBC By-election jobs

IEBC Hiring for By-elections in 6 Constituencies

1.Presiding Officers – Sh.2,000
2.Deputy Presiding officers – Sh.1,800
3.Logistics Officers – Sh.1,600
4.Support Electoral Trainers – Sh.2,000
5.ICT Clerks – Sh.1,500
6.Ward-Based Voter Educators – Sh.1,500
7.Polling/Counting Clerks – Sh.1000

Notes: Wages above indicate daily payment

Requirement for polling/counting clerks : Above KCSE C-

How toApply

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1. Select the job title that you are applying for.
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3. Application deadline is on or before 20/10/2020.

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