Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) Youth Forum Contest 2020 (€2,500 prize)


In 2020, the world has come together to face the global challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, the Mediterranean region is not exempted from action. With its long history as a creative and pioneering hub, the Mediterranean could well reaffirm its role as a region capable of innovation and inclusiveness. The 2020 MED Youth Forum Contest is therefore looking for proposals that offer innovative solutions to help manage the crisis and to support post-pandemic recovery. In line with the purpose of the contest, all the projects presented should cover topics related to one of the following two areas:

  • Culture and Civil society:

Culture and Education (Inclusive and Equitable Education; the Promotion of Remote Learning; Innovation in Museums and Art Exhibitions; Future Art Ecosystems; the Promotion of Tourism and the Recovery of the Tourism Industry)

Civil society (Social Protection; Gender Equality; the Prevention of Domestic Violence)

Health (Immunisation; Prevention and Control; Healthcare Recovery; Mental Health Recovery; Technologies, Biotechnologies and Medical Equipment)

  • Business and New Economic Models:

Employment and Business: (Remote Working and Digital Business Transformation; Reorganization of the Workforce; Reshaping the Customer Experience; Youth and Gender Employment; Work-Life Balance; Financial Inclusion; Poverty Reduction)

Food and Water Security (Food Logistics and Distribution; the Recovery of Small-Medium Food Production; Agri-Tech Innovation; Social and Economic Access to Food and/or Water)

Urban Innovation: Rethinking Public and Private Spaces; Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure; Returning to the Workplace; Rethinking Urban Regeneration; Safe and Sustainable Urban Mobility).


The two winners will be awarded a prize of € 2,500 to develop their projects further. In addition to greater visibility and the said monetary reward, participants will also have full access to the MED2020 conference to explore business opportunities and to connect with experts, investors, venture capitalists, and fellow entrepreneurs. They will also be given an opportunity to present the development of their projects to a dedicated panel at MED2021 Mediterranean Dialogues next year.


  • High-potential candidates aged under 35, from North Africa and the Middle East may apply to enter the contest.
  • Applicants must have an excellent command of English (the event’s working language) and a keen interest in Mediterranean cooperation.
  • To ensure a fairer and more inclusive procedure, candidates from Mediterranean Europe may apply if their projects are run in partnership with institutions and or individuals based in the Middle Eastern or North African countries listed.

DEADLINE: October 30, 2020

To apply and more information visit here