Nairobi City County Government Hiring In 3,168 Positions

Nairobi City County Government has announced more than 3,000 vacancies from February 2023 which will expire 3rd March and 13th March in 2023.

The jobs range from Labourers, Clerical Officers Internships and Environmentalist.

3,168 Vacancies Open In Nairobi City County Government.

1. Labourers – 3,000 Positions

2. Clerical Officers – 37 Positions

3. Environment Officers – 97 Positions

4. Internships – 34 Positions

Requirements – Labourers & Clerical Officers

Job Requirements

i.   Be a Kenyan citizen;

 ii.  Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its approved equivalent;

 iii.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills;

 iv.  Demonstrate outstanding professional competence and integrity in work performance and results;

v. Must satisfy the requirement of chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya.


Salary – Labourer II

Salary Range: KES (13,830-15,120)

House Allowance: KES 3,750

Commuter Allowance: KES 3,000

Salary Labourer I

Salary Range: KES (14,610-16,250)

House Allowance: KES 4,125

Commuter Allowance: KES 3,000


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