4 Vacancies Open At ICIPE 

All our job advertisements are published in the icipe jobs section on our website (www.icipe.org/jobs) or our official social media platforms (Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter), or mainstream media, indicating clear job descriptions and experience required.

Our Human Resource (HR) recruitment follows the process below for all positions:


HR/452/22 – DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIONicipe Duduville Campus31-Mar-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/465/23 – DIRECTOR GENERAL (DG)icipe Duduville Campus20-Mar-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/468/23 – MANAGER, PEOPLE AND ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT (MPOD)icipe Duduville Campus07-Apr-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/470/23 – SENIOR RESEARCH OFFICER I (RE-ADVERTISEMENT)icipe Duduville campus22-Mar-23 GMT+3View Details

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