Regen Organics Hiring Automotive Technician

We are an increasingly sophisticated, highly intricate organization with many moving parts. Regen Organics seeks accomplished, driven individuals who will make substantive contributions to the organization. We currently seek an Automotive Maintenance Technician to join our team.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hands-on maintenance of machinery 
  • Provide support in the resolution of breakdowns 
  • Develop and update Standard Maintenance Procedures 
  • Liaise with the supervisor in the implementation of the problem-solving tools 
  • Implement corrective and preventive actions within the allocated timelines 
  • Conduct RCA on all breakdowns” 
  • Share daily reports on maintenance activities for all assets 
  • Ensure all maintenance issues are logged 
  • Propose improvements to the manager 
  • Calculate and track MTBF and MTTR for all equipment 
  • Refine AM and PM schedules to improve equipment reliability” 
  • Coordinate with the requesting teams in conducting Preventive Maintenance and resolving Breakdowns
    Coordinate with the requesting teams in conducting operator assessments and training
    Proactively contributing to conflict resolution through open and honest discussions, reporting unresolved conflict to your Supervisor or Talent Partner 
  • Maintain a cordial working relationship with teammates” 
  • Work with existing vendors within the established relationship 
  • Suggest new vendors to the manager or supervisor” 
  • Develop a monthly and weekly schedule for operator and technician assessments and training.
    Refine AM and PM schedules to improve equipment reliability 
  • Share ideas on how to standardize and improve maintenance data 
  • Share ideas on how to improve maintenance processes 
  • Implement improvement ideas and share feedback. 
  • Escalate in advance when facing blocks. ” 
  • Keeping track of the maintenance expenses for all assets 
  • Ask questions and listen to items escalated by the operators in order to understand issues with the assets
  • Provide feedback to operators on usage of assets 
  •  Ask for feedback from stakeholders (operators and managers) to improve the maintenance performance”
  • Execute tasks within the existing processes and policies 
  • Share a report of team failures and learning derived from them.


  • Diploma/Degree in Automotive Engineering (or related fields) 
  • Minimum 5 years working with tractors, forklifts and heavy commercial vehicles 
  • Experience maintaining the following; SAME tractors, Toyota forklifts, Hino trucks, Mitsubishi trucks, Isuzu trucks.

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