6 Vacancies Open At ICIPE

VACANCIES – Disclaimer

All our job advertisements are published in the icipe jobs section on our website (www.icipe.org/jobs) or our official social media platforms (Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter), or mainstream media, indicating clear job descriptions and experience required. Our Human Resource (HR) recruitment follows the process below for all positions:

  • A job advertisement is placed.
  • Shortlisting is conducted by a panel, and successful candidates are invited for an interview through official icipe communication channels.
  • Those successful after the interview receive an offer letter and sign a contract upon joining icipe.

Throughout our recruitment process, we do not ask for any fees; neither are candidates required to pay any monies to us. All our communication to shortlisted and successful candidates is via official channels of communication directly to the candidates. Successful applicants are only required to share their original certifications and other documents for verification upon reporting to an icipe office.

icipe therefore advises the public to exercise due diligence when applying for employment and especially when asked to pay in monies for whatever reason to secure jobs with us. Such instances are cases of fraud and are not in line with our values and should be reported to the police for further action.

For those who wish to work with us, we advise you to always check our official communication channels to confirm the legitimacy of such adverts before further engagement.

For enquiries, contact us on [email protected] or reach us via 020 863 2000.

icipe offers various job opportunities at its headquarters in Nairobi, country offices and field offices

Please see our latest vacancies below.


HR/468/23 – MANAGER, PEOPLE AND ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT (MPOD)icipe Duduville Campus19-Sep-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/508/23 – HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONSicipe Duduville Campus26-Sep-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/515/23 – RESEARCH SCIENTISTicipe Duduville Campus22-Sep-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/522/23 – SENIOR SCIENTIST (MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY/ DISEASE ECOLOGY)icipe Thomas Odhiambo Campus02-Oct-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/523/23 – SENIOR SCIENTIST (MICROBIOLOGIST)icipe Duduville Campus02-Oct-23 GMT+3View Details
HR/524/23 – HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER UNITicipe Duduville Campus02-Oct-23 GMT+3View Details

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