Beware Of Fake Scammers Positing As Pata Kazi Or Opportunities For Young Kenya

There are fraudulent recruiters using our name and identify to con unsuspecting Kenyans who are looking for employment.

These fraudulent recruiters are preying upon the hopes and aspirations of individuals who are earnestly seeking employment, subjecting them to financial loss, and in some cases, emotional distress.

They do this without any form of mercy and pity. Despite the fact that most of these money or valuables could have been borrowed.

These scammers pose as Pata Kazi or Opportunities for Young Kenyans on different social media platforms.

But it is very easy to spot them, because unlike us, they will be quick to ask money from you or any other valuables so as to expedite and circumvent the hiring process.

They make sweet promises, but once the payments are made, they all suddenly disappear.

Please be aware of these scammers, and incase you come across them, report them to as we take immediate action against them. And if you have already fallen victim to them, kindly report them to the nearest police station.

At Pata Kazi, we believe in a fair recruitment exercise and we do not advocate any form of payment so as to secure an employment.

Besides, important documents needed during job applications are acquired directly from government official sites like E-citizen. And no one should promise to process a document at whatsoever fee. (We also encourage job seekers to pre-apply in advance all the documents that require the fulfillment of chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya.). Medical documents should only be obtained from government hospitals or government approved health centres. Company uniforms and badges shouldn’t be paid in advance at whatsoever reason.

We urge young Kenyans who are looking for jobs to be vigilant as well as follow the right process of job application so as not to fall victim of these scammers.

All the jobs posted on our social media handles are meticulously scrutinized so as to ensure there are no scammers hiding behind them. And also ensure that it a worthwhile opportunity for our followers.

And just incase you spot any job posted on our platforms looking fishy, kindly report to us and it shall be pulled down.

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