Zizi Afrique Hiring Research Manager – Future of Work

At Zizi Afrique, the Research Manager – Future of work position will provide an opportunity to immerse
yourself in the field of transitions to the world of work. You will work with a dynamic team and contexts that elicit critical thinking and fulfilment. The position calls for someone who has a zeal for impact and is selfmotivated.

The manager will oversee the implementation of the Future of Work Project in Mombasa County. He/she will provide technical and leadership support to ensure all the project activities are implemented within the stipulated timelines, provide leadership in the planning of all the activities of the project, and coordinate all the project activities, supervise staff and report to the organization.

Further, he/she will be required to develop evidence-based strategies and plans to ensure that the Project achieves the set objectives and contributes to ZAF’s strategy.

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