Coca-Cola Hiring : Process Operator, Line Attendant And Fork Lift Operator

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the largest African Coca-Cola bottler, accounting for 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes on the continent.  CCBA is a market leader in the NARTD non-alcoholic ready to drink market in Africa. CCBA has an extensive footprint in Africa, employing approximately 14 000 employees in Africa, with over 2000 employees in Kenya

Process Operator

The Process Operator is responsible for operation of the process area according to work instructions, the execution of destructive and non-destructive quality checks and carrying out of autonomous maintenance. The process operator has a primary focus on the quality control activities of the team. This role report to  Shift Team Leader.


 Operating and Process Control

  • Operating the process area according to the work instructions and adhering to usage standards.
  • Carrying out the required quality checks as described in the quality control and analysis work practice.
  • Constantly reviewing process performance against target, and completing all short interval control documentation.
  • Identifying and correcting unsafe work practices

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Line Attendant

The  Line Attendant is responsible for ensuring availability of raw materials in the production area and supporting the production team in ensuring quality products, efficiency  and safety adherence. This role report to Shift Team Leader.


  1. Maintain a clean and organized production area, equipment, and personal sanitation.
  2. Prepare, weigh, load, move/transfer raw materials, containers for production.
  3. Inspect Containers and Product at various critical control points to ensure they meet quality standards.
  4. Participate in RCAs and all the best practices as defined by SCW.
  5. Support the production lines to run efficiently.
  6. Quality checks to assure product is packaged according to customer/set specifications.
  7. Directly communicate to machine operators on variations and non-conformity for prompt correction.
  8. Palletize product Depalletize Containers.


Fork Lift Operator

  1. Facilitate movement of products from the production hall to the warehouses and to arrange the products according to the company’s traceability system.
  2. Facilitate movement of empty glass to the production hall for production.
  3. Offload empty glass and products from trucks.
  4. Load products and empty glass onto trucks for dispatch.
  5. Facilitate movement of any other bulk items and materials in the plant as may be directed by the supervisor from time to time.


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