63 Vacancies Open At United Nations, Nairobi

Applying for a job in the UN can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. With that in mind, we prepared five great tips for you to keep in mind during the application process:

Choose the right job for you

Apply only to those jobs that are suited to your strengths and aspirations and make sure to update your application to highlight important facts relevant to the job you are applying for.

Highlight your achievements

When describing past experiences, focus on what you’ve accomplished and achieved, as opposed to what you do on a daily basis.

Use your motivation statement to prove you are the best candidate for the position

Think of your motivation statement as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other job seekers by highlighting what makes you the best match for the position. It should be brief, three to four paragraphs, and as targeted as possible to the position for which you are applying.

Research, prepare and train for your interview

If you are called for an interview, train for competency-based interviewing techniques by preparing a wide range of brief real-life stories about your accomplishments. The structure of your answer should be: Situation, Action, Result.

Apply for as many as you can

But be targeted! The UN’s selection process is very competitive, so you should not be discouraged to apply for other jobs for which you feel you are qualified in case you are declined for a position. And remember, customize your application according to each position you apply for.


1. Programme Support-Research Intern

2. Intern – Communications

3. Communication & Social Media Intern

4. Energy and Sustainability Intern

5. Intern- Collective Intelligence for Environmental Governance

6. Land Data Analyst & Knowledge Management Intern

7. Zero Waste Intern

8. Conference Services Intern

9. Intern (Legal Assistant)

10. Programme Support Intern

11. Human Resources Officer

12. Programme Assistant

13. Urban Economist

14. UX Designer

15. UNEP-GEF Programme Assistant

16. LAC Terminal Reviewer

17. Urban Planning & Economy Consultant

18. Urban Projects Specialist

19. Data and Information Management Assistant

20. Administrative Assistant

21. Programme Management Officer

22. Associate Information Systems Officer

23. Senior Legal Officer

24. Public Information Officer (Head Of Social Media)

25. Director, Programme Management

26. Legal Assistant

27. Senior Administrative Assistant

28. Reviser, Spanish

29. Investigator (Sexual Harassment)

30. Intern – Environmental Affairs

31. Finance And Budget Officer

32. Finance And Budget Assistant

33. Information Systems Officer

34. Investigator

35. Data Scientist

36. Economic Affairs Officer

37. Special Assistant, Administration

38. Procurement Assistant

39. Human Resources Assistant

40. Programme Management Officer

41. Chief Division Of Conference Services

42. Administrative Assistant

43. Senior Administrative Assistant (Personal Assistant To The Director)

44. Protocol Assistant

45. Programme Management Officer, Human Settlements

46. Waste and Sustainable Construction Expert

47. Associate Programme Management Officer

48. Community Mobilization Expert

49. GEF-8 Consultation Process Expert

50. Senior Finance and Budget Assistant (364 days)

51. Latin America and Caribbean Project Specialist

52. Research and Planning consultant

53. Scoping Specialist – Consultant

54. Communications and Event Management Consultant

55. Urban Planning and Infrastructure for Migration Contexts Egypt Coordinator/ Project Urban Planner

56. Scoping Specialist – Consultant

57. Consultant – Technical lead Green Jobs for Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean

58. Midterm Review Consultant

59. Urban Mobility and Geographic Information System Assistant, UN-Habitat

60. Climate Change Adaptation Programme Officer

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