16 Vacancies Open At KEMRI

The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) is currently hiring for a diverse range of positions, offering numerous opportunities for professionals across various fields to join their team. These roles span research, data analysis, clinical practice, finance, administration, and community engagement. The positions available are as follows:

  1. Research Assistant: This role involves supporting research projects through data collection, analysis, and reporting. Candidates should have a background in research methodologies and experience in fieldwork.
  2. Data Analyst: Responsible for analyzing and interpreting complex data sets to support research projects. Applicants should possess strong statistical skills and experience with data analysis software.
  3. Finance Intern: This internship provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in financial management within a research context. Ideal for recent graduates looking to start a career in finance.
  4. Research Administrator: Manages administrative tasks for research projects, including budgeting, scheduling, and compliance with regulations. Requires strong organizational skills and experience in project management.
  5. Study Clinician/Clinical Officer: Conducts clinical assessments and supports research studies. Medical qualifications and clinical experience are essential.
  6. Project Data Officer: Ensures accurate data management and integrity for research projects. Experience in data handling and database management is required.
  7. Medical Officer: Provides medical oversight for research studies and ensures participant safety. Requires a medical degree and relevant clinical experience.
  8. Pharmacist: Manages the dispensation and monitoring of study medications. Candidates should be licensed pharmacists with experience in clinical research.
  9. Clinical Officer: Supports clinical research activities and provides patient care. Requires clinical qualifications and experience in a research setting.
  10. Study Nurse: Conducts patient care and data collection for clinical studies. Requires nursing qualifications and experience in clinical research.
  11. Laboratory Technologist: Performs laboratory tests and supports research activities. Requires laboratory science qualifications and experience in research labs.
  12. Community Mobilizer & Tracker: Engages with the community to support study recruitment and follow-up. Requires strong communication skills and experience in community outreach.
  13. Administrative Officer: Manages administrative tasks and supports the smooth operation of research projects. Requires strong organizational skills and administrative experience.
  14. Behavioral Care Manager: Provides behavioral health support and counseling within research studies. Requires qualifications in psychology or social work and experience in behavioral health.
  15. Psychiatric Nurse: Provides mental health care and support within research studies. Requires nursing qualifications with a specialization in psychiatry.

These positions offer a unique opportunity to contribute to impactful research and advance public health in Kenya. Qualified candidates with a passion for research and community health are encouraged to apply.

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