Plan International Hiring In 5 Positions

Plan International is currently hiring for several key positions aimed at enhancing its mission to advance children’s rights and equality for girls. The organization is seeking dedicated and skilled professionals to join their team and contribute to their impactful programs. The available positions are:

  1. Administration and Logistics Officer:
    • Role Overview: The Administration and Logistics Officer will oversee administrative functions and logistical support for Plan International’s operations. This includes managing office supplies, coordinating travel arrangements, and ensuring effective logistical support for program activities.
    • Requirements: Candidates should have strong organizational skills, experience in administration and logistics, and the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently.
  2. Driver:
    • Role Overview: The Driver will provide reliable and safe transportation services for staff and visitors. Responsibilities include vehicle maintenance, ensuring timely transportation, and adhering to safety regulations and policies.
    • Requirements: Applicants should possess a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a good knowledge of local routes and traffic laws.
  3. Finance and Grants Coordinator:
    • Role Overview: The Finance and Grants Coordinator will manage financial activities and grant administration for various projects. This includes budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with donor requirements.
    • Requirements: Ideal candidates should have a strong background in finance, experience with grant management, and excellent analytical skills.
  4. Program Area Manager:
    • Role Overview: The Program Area Manager will oversee the implementation of Plan International’s programs in specific regions. This role involves strategic planning, program management, and ensuring the effective delivery of services to beneficiaries.
    • Requirements: Candidates should have experience in program management, strong leadership skills, and a commitment to improving the lives of children and communities.
  5. Humanitarian Safety & Security Specialist:
    • Role Overview: The Humanitarian Safety & Security Specialist will develop and implement safety and security strategies to protect staff and program operations in high-risk areas. This includes conducting risk assessments, training staff, and ensuring compliance with safety protocols.
    • Requirements: Applicants should have expertise in security management, experience in humanitarian contexts, and the ability to respond effectively to security challenges.

Plan International offers a collaborative work environment where employees can make a meaningful impact on children’s lives. These positions provide an opportunity to contribute to the organization’s mission and advance professional skills in a dynamic and supportive setting. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply and join Plan International in its efforts to create a better future for children and communities worldwide.

Administration and Logistics Officer – TurkanaMiddle East, Eastern and Southern Africa
Driver – TurkanaMiddle East, Eastern and Southern Africa
Finance and Grants Coordinator – TurkanaMiddle East, Eastern and Southern Africa
Program Area Manager (1-Coast and 1-Nyanza)Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa
Humanitarian Safety & Security Specialist – Roster RecruitmentGlobal Hub – Location Flexible

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