Notice Of Opening Of Competitive Recruitment Procedure : Operational Assistant- Driver


External competition for filling a position in the category of Operational Assistant, within the career of Operational Assistant, to serve at the Embassy of Portugal in Nairobi.

Under the terms of Ordinance No. 187/2013, of May 22, it is hereby announced that, following an authorization order of May 16, 2024, from the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an external competition is open for a period of 10 working days from the date of publication of this notice, to fill a position in the category of Operational Assistant, with a gross monthly remuneration of €380.00, and an annual gross total of €5320.00, plus a meal allowance of €5.61 per effective workday, as approved by Ordinance No. 397-A/2023, of November 28, to serve functions at the Embassy of Portugal in Nairobi, which includes a trial period of 90 days.

  1. The application ends on June 13 at 11:59 PM.
  2. Applicable legal regime – an indefinite-term public service employment contract under substantive Portuguese law to serve functions in the foreign peripheral services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as provided in Decree-Law No. 47/2013, of April 5.

Recruitment reserve – If the current recruitment procedure results, given the duly approved final ranking list, in a number of approved candidates exceeding the positions to be filled, an internal recruitment reserve will be established, valid for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of approval of the said list, as per article 10 of Ordinance No. 187/2013, of May 22.

  1. The recruitment procedure aims to fill one position and is valid for filling the job position advertised and for the purposes set forth in No. 2 of article 10 of Ordinance No. 187/2013, of May 22.
  2. Advertisement of the notice – This notice is publicly displayed at the Embassy of Portugal in Nairobi and on its website.
  3. Driving light vehicles in service of the Embassy of Portugal in Nairobi, following instructions received from the mission head or consular post, ensuring the safety of users and goods, handling, cleaning, maintenance, and periodic review of vehicles, reporting any malfunctions, accidents, or any other daily situation that may jeopardize the safety or good condition of the vehicles assigned to SPE. Transport and delivery of verbal notes, confidential correspondence, official packages, and loading and unloading of luggage or other goods as determined. External support to the chancellery secretariat or residence staff, namely mail and stationery purchases, and performance of other varied support functions essential to the operation of the diplomatic mission.
  4. Admission requirements to the recruitment procedure:

Cumulative requirements for admission include: 7.1. Meeting the general requirements necessary for the exercise of public functions, as stipulated in article 17 of the General Law of Public Employment, approved by Law No. 35/2014, of June 20, except for Portuguese nationality, as per article 5 of Decree-Law No. 47/2013, of April 5; 7.2. Possession of minimum mandatory education; 7.3. The selected candidate must have authorization/resident status in the country and have their situation regularized with local tax and social security entities at the time of hiring; 7.4. The aforementioned can be verified post-hoc, according to article 5 of Decree-Law 47/2013, of April 5, within 30 days. 7.5. Possession of a valid driving license in Kenya. 7.6. Proficiency in English and Swahili.

  1. Formalization of applications:

Applications must be formalized by a request addressed to the chairman of the jury, by email to [email protected].

The request must include, under penalty of possible exclusion, the following elements: 8.1. Full identification (name, marital status, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, citizen card or identity card number (or equivalent), tax number (or equivalent), residence, postal code, telephone contact, and email); 8.2. Academic qualifications; and, 8.3. Identification of the contest being applied for, accompanied by the following documents: a) Signed and dated Curriculum Vitae; b) Simple and legible photocopy of the document proving academic qualifications; c) Simple and legible photocopy of proofs of professional training carried out in the last three years, related to the activities characterizing the job position; d) Declaration of acceptance of notification by email, as per subparagraph b) of No. 2 of article 112 of Decree-Law No. 41/2015, of January 7; e) Certificate of Criminal Record from the country of residence; f) Other documents the candidate considers relevant for the assessment of the application; g) Simple and legible copy of the driving license.

  1. Selection methods – the following mandatory selection methods are adopted: 9.1. Curricular Evaluation – Weighting of 40% Curricular evaluation aims to analyze the professional skills of the candidates in the respective area, based on the analysis of their professional resume and accompanying documents, considering and weighing the following elements: a) Academic qualification; b) Professional training in the functional area of recruitment; c) Professional experience, especially in the functional area of recruitment. 9.2. Professional Interview – Weighting of 60% The professional interview aims to objectively assess the professional skills and behavioral aspects evidenced by the candidates and the mastery of one or more languages.

The results obtained in the application of the selection methods are graded on a scale of 0 to 20 values, with expression to the hundredths.

The criteria for assessment and weighting of the selection methods taken into account, as well as the final classification system, including the respective classificatory formulas, are contained in the minutes of the jury meetings of the contest, which are made available to candidates whenever requested.

  1. Exclusion – Candidates scoring below 9.5 in any of the methods are considered excluded, and the subsequent method is not applied to them, as per article 2 of Ordinance No. 187/2013, of May 22.

10.1. Candidates who do not attend any of the selection methods are also considered excluded.

  1. Notifications – All notifications to admitted and excluded candidates, including those necessary for the hearing of the interested parties, and the summons for the performance of any selection method that requires the candidate’s presence are made through one of the following means: a) Email with receipt of delivery notification; b) Personal notification; c) Notice published in a visible and public place of the chancellery and available on the website
  2. Composition and identification of the jury: President: Ana Filomena da Costa 1st Effective Member: Maria João Cocco da Fonseca 2nd Effective Member: Luís Miguel Tavares Semedo Substitute: António Miguel Guimarães Luís
  3. The minutes of the jury meetings are provided to candidates whenever requested.
  4. Following the joint order No. 373DAA0 of March 1, it is generally stated: “In compliance with subparagraph h) of article 9 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the Public Administration, as an employer, actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities between men and women in access to employment and professional advancement, scrupulously ensuring to avoid all and any form of discrimination.”
  5. Candidates consent to the collection and processing of their personal data within the management of the recruitment, selection, evaluation, and placement process in the foreign peripheral services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, remaining in the possession of the Ministry for a period of 5 years for purposes of screening subsequent applications and compiling statistics.

At any time, candidates may exercise their rights to information, access, rectification, deletion, portability, revocation, complaint, and opposition to improper data processing, by contacting the Data Protection Officer for the governmental area of Foreign Affairs.

Date of May 29, 2024

Signed at the Embassy

How to Apply

The deadline for submitting applications is June 13, 2024. Applications must include the elements listed in the Opening Notice, and sent to the address [email protected]

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