Caretaker Needed At Cytonn


Job Type:   Full Time Job Category:   Facilities Management Closing Date:   July 16th, 2024 Location:   Nairobi

Cytonn Properties LLP is a facility and property management entity providing rental property supervision and management, which includes rent and service charge collection, tenancy relations management, service providers management and property maintenance among other property management needs.

This removes the inconvenience that comes from being a landlord in a gated community, which is taken up by Cytonn Properties’ team thus guaranteeing a satisfactory income to owners of the properties.

 Cytonn Properties does this by offering expertise and personalized attention in the management individual property units, working efficiently and effectively to maintain the units and common facilities of the developments, allowing the residents to live stress free and productive lives.

 The management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service that guarantees the maximum return for the owners’ investment while maintaining the property at the highest standards to attract and retain the best tenants’ possible, leading to capital preservation and appreciation.  As such we have adopted global facilities and property management best practices in our management model to ensure that we deliver to promise.

The individual will assume responsibility for the general property management of the facility by leading all services provision through contracted service providers who have been engaged to undertake specific roles such as security, cleaning, garbage, service level maintennace of equipment among other roles, to ensure minimum disruption to core activities.

The individual will be expected to have good relationship management skills, is abrest with the best practices in property management field and being able to handle multiple taks including quick learning into various fields. They will also be expected to produce periodic reports on a timely basis to be communicated to the property management team.


  1. Conduct daily inspections of the property to ensure all assets are secure, record and report any preventive and corrective repairs and maintenance requirements to the Facilities & Property Manager for corrective action.
  2. Produce daily and weekly reports on a timely basis on maintenance issues to be communicated and escalated to the Facilities and Property Manager.
  3. Assume responsibility for the general security and safety of the property by supervising security company engaged, review security reports and daily occurrence books for accuracy and consistency and ensure all safety and security measures are maintained at a high standard and any issues are addressed as soon as they arise.
  4. Supervise any contractor engaged to undertake repair work on site by following the provided specification for each repair work. In cases of major repair works, liaise with the Facilities & Property Manager to ensure specifications are met.
  5. Remain available to fire and police departments on a 24-hour call basis in case of emergency.
  6. Maintain good relations and liaise with neighbors to resolve any reported issues.
  7. Foster good working relationships with regulators and key service providers to ensure understanding of regulation requirements and timely compliance response.
  8. To ensure that staff and outsourced personnel are adequately instructed in safety and welfare matters regarding their specific responsibilities.
  9. Ensure that all equipment on site is in good condition and report any faults or damages concerning the same.
  10. Monitor residents / tenants turnover and ensure all units are let out on timely basis.
  11. Review and approve all tenancy application files prior to move in, will a full due diligence as per policy.
  12. Organise all residents meetings and oversee overall implementation of estate rules and regulations.
  13. Any other duties that may be ascribed from time to time.


  1. A positive attitude and flexibility to handle diverse tasks including at odd hours.
  2. Demonstrate leadership capability with ability to work in a team dynamic.
  3. Outstanding problem-solving skills and ability to take decisions to ensure no bottlenecks on the work flow.
  4. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  5. Must have a certificate of good conduct.
  6. Minimum of C+ in KCSE, though a University Degree is not mandatory.
  7. Ability to create strong professional relationships with key stakeholders.
  8. Experience working in an estate managements (of at least 100 houses) for more than 2 years as a caretaker.


The opportunity to be part of a young and dynamic team delivering efficient facility and property management services to landlords and/or residents of one of Cytonn’s signature developments, Cytonn Apartments – Ruaka (The Alma) under Cytonn Properties Management Team. The position is advatageous for career growth, as an ideal opportunity of the candidate to grow into a Property Manager or Project Manager, given some of the key learnings into more of real estate dynamics.


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