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Job description


·      Cooperate and support in a cross-functional manner with all departments within the company as necessary to ensure compliance with the local regulatory requirements and international standards in food safety.

  • Work closely with R & M team to implement preventive and corrective maintenance, identify and report any deficiencies in the branch operation for appropriate action.
  • Implementation of internal and external audit schedules.


·      Conduct branch surveillance audits as per schedule, share reports, follow up and review CAP’s arising from the same.

·      Ensure food safety documentation and records are available to the users, maintained and retrievable when required.

·      Conduct food safety and hygiene training for food handlers (induction and refresher) and help identify training needs for staff.

·      Monitor effectiveness of the pest control program and report any deficiencies for action.

·      Ensure proper sanitation procedures are implemented and monitoring of the same is done through an effective swabbing regime and appropriate action taken based on the results.

·      Carry out traceability of products as necessary.

·      Issue NCR (Non Conformance Report) for non-conforming products originating from internal and external suppliers.

·      Assist in investigating internal and external food safety related complaints.

Reporting and Evaluation

·      Timely implementation of audits, trainings and sampling schedules.

·      Prompt issuance and follow up for all NCRs.

·      Ensure pest sightings are reported to the pest control provider in a timely manner for action.

·      Timely investigation and feedback on customer complaints.

·      Ensure implementation, maintenance and sustenance of corrective actions.

·      Timely investigations of failed samples and corrective actions for the same.


·      Must be aware of financial implications of his/her decisions, and the overall performance of the department, and takes appropriate actions to avoid negative impact on the business.

·      Contributes to the annual budgeting effort by proposing CAPEX and OPEX relating to the department.

Role overview


Food & Beverages

0-1 years



  • Understanding of Food Safety Regulations
  • Analytical Skills
  • Quality Control
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management

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