The Taita Taveta County Assembly Service Board Hiring Senior Legal Officer

The Taita Taveta County Assembly Service Board (TTCASB) invites applications from suitable qualified persons for the position indicated below:

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities will entail:

  1. Deputizing the headship of the Legal Department;
  2. Formulating and interpreting departmental regulations and policies;
  3. Coordinating the drafting of Private Members’ Bills;
  4. Coordinating drafting of amendments to Bills to be proposed to the Assembly by any Member of County Assembly or any Committee of the County Assembly;
  5. Giving legal interpretation of Acts and Bills;
  6. Giving legal advice on matters relating to the County Assembly;
  7. Providing legal advice to the TTCASB, County Assembly Service, County Assembly and its Committees;
  8. Providing any other legal services that may be required by the County Assembly, the Committees, the Speaker, the CASB or the Clerk;
  9. Ensuring that Bills/ regulations passed by the County Assembly comply with the Constitution of Kenya and other legal statutes;
  10. Liaising with the Office of the Attorney General on litigation matters involving the County Assembly;

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