Range Wardens Needed At Batuk, Nanyuki


Job Title: Range Warden

Department: DIO SPTT (K)

Grade: KSZ2

Location: Primary location is Archers Post Training Areas and Laikipia Training Areas. Secondary location is any other Training Areas utilised by DIO in Kenya

Reporting to: RW TL A or B (N)


Under the direction of the RW TL, undertake activities that enable and maintenance the Safe Place to Train in Kenya.

Main Duties:

  • Undertake the clearance of all training areas prior to any training being conducted, including sentry duties when ordered to do so by your TL
  • Undertake helicopter clearance flight duties when directed by your TL
  • Undertake fire containment duties, including overwatch tasks, as directed by your TL
  • Undertake cordon duties including overwatch when UXO is found on the training area iaw RSO
  • Undertake operator duties in Nyati Range Control, OB SWARA and the Holding Area
  • Maintain your allocated Safe Place to Train vehicle iaw BATUK MT SOs

Secondary Duties:

  • Deliver Wildfire containment training to Battle Group and other exercising personnel as part of the BATUK RSOI process
  • Act as an interpreter when required

Qualifications  /Experience:

  • Must be able to speak English and Swahili
  • Must be fit and physically robust
  • A clear and confident manner when speaking on the radio or mobile phone
  • Must be in possession of a clean and valid Kenyan driving license


  • Working together
  • Leadership and developing people.
  • Planning and Managing resources.
  • Managing Customers and Suppliers.


  • Familiar with IT software systems and programmes (MS package etc)

Application Process

  1. If you meet the above criteria, kindly click on Apply Now! and fill in the details.
  2. Ensure you fill the PBS Survey on the Next Page. Applications without the survey will be REJECTED!
  3. All applications should be submitted by 1600hrs 22nd July 2024

Apply Here

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