Research Internship At Book Bunk

    Vacancy Description

    Book Bunk is a social impact firm that curates and engages with physical & digital libraries and archives as sites of cultural heritage and public memory. Through a partnership with Nairobi City County, our core activities include the renovation, preservation and protection of the McMillan Memorial Library in the CBD (Kenya’s second oldest public library) and it’s two branches in Kaloleni and Makadara in Eastlands. ( We are recruiting volunteers and research interns to help us with this very ambitious and important project. Specifically, we are recruiting a team to assist with the process of counting labelling and logging the over 400,000 items (books, artefacts, artistic objects, furniture).

    We are looking for:

    Research Interns: Individuals who have up to 20 – 30 hours a week available to dedicate to the inventory process specifically. This is better suited to individuals with a keen interest in history, literature, library sciences, storytelling, database management systems, computer science, and accounting.

    No prior training in any of the fields or areas mentioned above is required All successful candidates will receive the training specific to their role. However a keen interest in the following areas is beneficial:

    • Literature
    • Architecture
    • Arts And Culture.
    • Media Studies
    • Anthropology
    • Social Studies
    • Library Science.
    • Future Cities



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