By working towards these goals and objectives, Opportunities For Young Kenyans (OYK) aims to make a positive impact on the lives of Kenyan youths, empowering them and providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities for their personal and professional growth.


Centralize Resourceful Opportunities:

The goal is to gather and curate a wide range of resourceful opportunities for Kenyan youths, including local internships, entry-level jobs, scholarships, bursaries, education opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities, grants, fellowships, and career advancement forums. This centralization aims to provide easy access to information and increase the chances of youths finding and benefiting from these opportunities.

Empower Kenyan Youths:

The goal is to empower Kenyan youths aged between 18 – 35 years by providing them with a platform that offers valuable opportunities and resources for personal and professional growth. The aim is to equip young individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their full potential in life.


Bridge the Information Gap:

The objective is to bridge the information gap between Kenyan youths and the diverse opportunities available to them.

By sourcing opportunities from first-party and reputable second-party websites, the objective is to provide accurate and reliable information that helps young individuals make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths.

Support Career Development:

The objective is to support the career development of Kenyan youths by providing valuable tips and resources. This includes guidance on CV, cover letter, and resume writing, interview tips, and strategies for excelling in career development. The aim is to enhance their job-seeking skills and empower them to navigate the professional world successfully.

Facilitate Networking and Collaboration:

The objective is to foster networking and collaboration among Kenyan youths. This is achieved through providing forums related to career advancement and empowerment, creating a space for young individuals to connect, share experiences, and build meaningful professional relationships. The objective is to create a supportive community that facilitates knowledge exchange and opportunities for collaboration.