20 Dancers Needed For A Roadshow Tour

Do you know how to dance or are you such a skilled dancer ? Do you belong to a group? Please apply for this opportunity which needs a group of 20 dancers who can work in a road show tour.

Please not that you do not have to be in a group, you can apply and join the rest of the group which needs to sum up to 20 members in total.

Please read the qualifications below before applying for the job. Take your time and carefully go through them in detail, do not ignore any of the below details since each is very much needed to be observed.


  • All genders are required to apply for this opportunity
  • The job requires over 18 years old applicants only
  • You do not need to be in a group, even though being in such a formal group is a great added advantage to you.
  • The tour needs very good dancers who poses and exhibit great dancing skills and techniques which are relevant to the event
  • The dancers should be very disciplined, respected and self-driven personnel who can work in a group of new people
  • The individuals should have had basic education and good in Swahili and English with basic knowledge
  • Able to work in a team with less supervision from the team leaders, follow dully instructions and directions from the team managers
  • Visionary and mission driven fellow in the field of dancing


The job requires 20 gentlemen and ladies, this is a good number which increases your chance of going through the application process.


If you feel you can match the above minimal qualifications please prepare your CV and applications and seek more guidance from Brian on the number below.

Brain’s number is 0705606165 or call these one still on Brian 0727485637

Please place your request immediately or as soon as possible.

All the very best



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