Are You A Connector And Relationship Builder?

The Arena Kenya is looking for Arena Ambassadors to join The Arena!


An Arena Ambassador is a campus student who represents, communicates, engages and liaises with the student fraternity on behalf of The Arena.

Being an Arena Ambassador involves:

  1. REPRESENTATION- Representing The Arena at the campus level.
  2. COMMUNICATION– Being a key informant, sharing information and keeping students up to date with opportunities.
  3. ENGAGEMENT– Knowing and understanding student needs and organising activities for fellow campus students.
  4. LIASON– Connecting and building relationships with university administration and student groups alike.

Being an Arena Ambassador is not only an opportunity to contribute to the growth and future of The Arena, but also a chance for you to learn new skills, gain work experience, and have access to available internship and work opportunities.

Looking for campus students with:

  • a passion for mentorship and learning
  • creative ideas for engaging students
  • good knowledge and understanding of their campus landscape
  • a fresh and unique perspective
  • an interest in the work of The Arena

In your application, show us any evidence of the above skill(s). This could be acquired through school, university, work or any other activity.

Don’t be afraid to show off. Tell us why you deserve this role!

Please note that this role is not a full-time commitment. This means that it can be done alongside university studies. Due to the fact that this role is event-based and thus flexible to some extent, please anticipate that there are periods that will be more and less busy than others. This will be discussed further with successful applicants.

These roles are voluntary so will not be paid. The Arena prides itself on offering valuable opportunities for personal development for team members throughout the year alongside training and meetings. We support, encourage and value each other.

The role officially starts at in September 2017 and ends in June 2018. After this, the roles will be reviewed and ambassadors can make a decision on whether to continue as part of The Arena.

To apply, kindly fill  application form by 5pm (Kenyan time) Sunday 10th September 2017. If you are successful at the application stage, you will be required to attend an interview shortly after the close of applications.

For any queries or clarifications, please contact or message on any of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).

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