IEBC Jobs For Fresh Elections

IEBC wishes to recruit officials who will conduct a fresh presidential election to be held on 17th October 2017. In that regard they have sent MEMO to all county election Managers and Constituency election co-coordinators.

iebc jobs october 2017


IEBC has scheduled the election for 17th October 2017. On this date learning will be on in educational institutions which may have significant impact on recruitment of election officials as quite a number were teachers or college students.

To county election managers: You are required to refer to the database of election officials engaged in 8th august elections and engage officials whose performance was satisfactory. In addition, confirm their availability for fresh election. Where there are gaps you are required to select qualified candidates from the database of applicants

Data on successful poll officials should be compiled and sent to CEM on or before Friday 15th September 2017.

Here is how much they will earn

Deputy returning officer(DPO) – ksh 3000 for 25days

presiding officer (PO)- ksh2000 for 9days

Deputy presiding officer (DPO)-ksh 1800 for 9days

Polling Clerks – ksh 1000 for 5 days

Logistic officer – ksh 1500 for 15days

Constituency ICT clerks -ksh1500 for 15days

SETs (Trainers) – 2000 for 13 days

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Guidelines for fresh election download

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