10 Ways To Get Money From The Kenyan Government As A Youth

If you need help from the Kenyan government, you can often find it in the form of financial assistance. But in order to qualify, you’ll typically need to demonstrate a high financial need for government assistance, and you might be required to meet other requirements in line with your applications


Below are 10 ways you can get financial assistance from the government .

1.College and University Grands

Kenyan government has got several grants and loans specially meant for college students, these money is available in various forms. Major ones listed below

1.1. CDF Bursaries

These can be obtained from your sub-county or your constituency office fill the forms and submit them at the correct time

1.2. Varsity or College Student Union Bursaries

These are bursaries awarded only from your college or your varsity from your student Union kit. The applicants need to pick the forms from student union office or just from their website if it has been uploaded

1.3.Ministry Of Education

The ministry of education has listed a number of scholarships and grants which can be applied vie their website . Se details below

Government Scholarships

1.Nigeria Scholarship Announements
2.Advert for Doctoral Degrees In Brazil 2017
3.Scholarship Application in Serbia Country
4.Doctoral Scholarships In Brazil – 2017
5.KAIST 2018 Graduate Admissions Scholarships
7.Hellenic Republic Of Greece Scholarship Announcement
10.India Scholarships Announcement
11.Algeria Scholarship Advertisement
17.Scholarship from Alexandia University
18.Alexandia University call for applications
19.Government of Thailand Scholarships: 2017/2018
21.Scholaorship from Indonesia 2016-2017

1.4.HELB current money products include as listed below

HELB Loans, Bursaries and Scholarships, Click the links below:


This health support fund provides medical relief to the citizens who have only subscribed to the fund, thus helping them settle their medical expenses, to register, just visit your nearest Huduma centre.

5.Free Primary and Secondary Education

This is a program which was initiated by former president Mwai Kibaki . If you have a kid in high school or in primary school, he or she will definitely benefit if they are in public schools

6.Agriculture Relief

Government is providing farming products and tools relief by either subsidizing the cost and even giving out farm materials fro free.

To access this, one just need to visit his or her nearest county government office


This is the contribution you make while you are still young and employed, then you get back rewarded when you have retired and old, from about 60 years and above.

8.Electricity Installation

The government has brought down the cost of electricity installation from 75K to 15K which is even made simpler by paying through installments.

This is one of the ways you can take advantage of the offer and install the power connection

9.Drama Festivals and contests

Through this annual festive, the best drama kits from high school, colleges and universities are sponsored to high levels and given rewards.

You can enroll from the school you are currently studying

10.Science and technology contests

This also, affects all schools in Kenya, you can embark on your own project and pitch to the government, or just enroll through annual and seasonal science and technology contests from your school and stand a chance to win a cash government grand

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