97 Vacant Positions Open At National Employment Authority

NEA, the National Employment Authority, was established in accordance with the National Employment Authority Act of 2016.

This pivotal Act lays the groundwork for a comprehensive institutional framework, empowering employment management, elevating employment promotion strategies, and facilitating accessible job opportunities for youth, minorities, and marginalized groups.

We extend an open invitation to individuals who are suitably qualified, dynamic, results-oriented, self-driven, and experienced to join our esteemed team in the following roles:

Here are brief descriptions of the positions available at the National Employment Authority (NEA):

  1. Office Assistant: Provide clerical and administrative support within the office.
  2. Driver: Responsible for operating vehicles to transport personnel and materials safely.
  3. Office Administrator/Senior: Oversee office operations and ensure efficient administrative processes.
  4. Human Resource Assistant: Assist HR professionals in various HR tasks, such as recruitment and employee records.
  5. Accounts Assistant: Support the finance department with accounting and financial tasks.
  6. Senior ICT Assistant: Assist in managing and maintaining information technology systems.
  7. Supply Chain Management Officer: Handle procurement and supply chain activities.
  8. Corporate Communications Officer: Manage communication strategies and external relations.
  9. Records Management Officer: Organize and maintain records and information.
  10. Administration Officer: Oversee administrative functions and office management.
  11. Human Resource Officer: Manage HR processes, including recruitment and employee relations.
  12. Quality Assurance Officer: Ensure quality standards are met in various processes.
  13. Planning Officer: Assist in strategic planning and development initiatives.
  14. Employment Officer: Support job placement and employment-related activities.
  15. Senior Human Resource Officer: Take a leadership role in HR functions.
  16. Senior Accountant: Manage advanced accounting tasks and financial reporting.
  17. Senior Information Officer: Oversee information management and dissemination.
  18. Senior ICT Officer: Lead in the management and development of IT systems.
  19. Senior Employment Officer: Take on a senior role in employment services.
  20. Senior Legal Officer: Manage legal matters and provide legal counsel.
  21. Principal Supply Chain Management Officer: Lead procurement and supply chain activities at a higher level.
  22. Principal Corporate Communications Officer: Oversee strategic communication efforts.
  23. Principal Accountant: Lead financial management and reporting.
  24. Principal Finance Officer: Manage financial matters at a high level.
  25. Principal ICT Officer: Lead IT initiatives and system development.
  26. Principal Quality Assurance Officer: Oversee quality control and assurance.
  27. Principal Planning Officer: Lead in strategic planning and development.
  28. Principal Employment Officer: Manage employment services at a senior level.
  29. Manager, Internal Audit: Conduct internal audits and ensure compliance.
  30. Manager, Human Resource: Oversee HR functions at a managerial level.
  31. Manager, Quality Assurance: Lead quality assurance efforts within the organization.
  32. Manager, Research and Data Management: Oversee research and data-related activities.
  33. Corporation Secretary and Manager, Legal Services: Handle legal matters and corporate governance.
  34. Manager, Employment Services: Lead employment-related services.
  35. Director, Capacity Building, Research, and Data Management: Provide leadership in capacity building, research, and data management.

These positions offer diverse opportunities to contribute to the NEA’s mission and goals in employment management and promotion.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, at 5:00 PM (East Africa Time)

To seize these opportunities, simply click the link below.

Apply Now

Kindly note that applications submitted beyond the stipulated closing date and time will regrettably not be considered. Embark on a fulfilling journey with NEA in shaping the future of employment management and promotion.


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